Use Case – assistance with converting your cloud resources to Terraform scripts

You already have Terraform or know you want it and looking for expertise in planning and implementation. Our team will recreate your full suite or stack of services and provide you with full Infrastructure As Code script that you can maintain in your code repo. You already know the advantages:

  • Enables quick modifications in production or development
  • Facilitates non-complex DR
  • Enables DevOps in a serious way

Let DiscerningCloud plan build the initial platform – we’ll review what you’ve already built and using your second account or subscription build a Terraform script. Then we’ll create your code repo to contain it for source control or will integrate with your existing repo. We’ll ensure proper tagging and liberal use of variables for the extreme amount of flexibility in your production changes. We’ll train your own staff to take over if that is your desire, or we’ll maintain your production environment if that’s your preference. Either way, we’ll ensure best practices are used to keep things secure and operating smoothly.