You are a new company with an amazing and promising product or service, but you need systems right? You don’t have extra capital laying around, that’s where the DiscerningCloud Team can help you. DiscerningCloud works with you to “stand up” whatever you need. Much of the software is available as “Open Source” (free) – you just may need some tweaking. DiscerningCloud can stand up a CRM, contact management, ERP, Accounting, Marketing, Document Management, mobile apps… whatever you need. Most importantly, DiscerningCloud can integrate the applications so that when your prospect in the CRM becomes a customer it automatically links and feeds your accounting and supply chain system.

We have platforms for virtually every industry vertical, and including professional, construction, transportation, e-commerce and retail.

In some ways, you are very lucky because you’re entering the market at a very unusual day and time. You can produce complex information services provided business processes, products or services for a fraction of the cost of your larger competition. In fact, you will be able to change your product much easier than they can, and for a lot less money. If your business depends on the “back office” or products and services that demand efficiency, or even services utilizing state-of-the-art customer workflow, DiscerningCloud can get that established for you. You don’t need an I.T. staff, ours can help you. Let’s discuss your product or service and work on a timeline for deployment immediately!