CIO or Executive Briefing

Education of Cloud Technologies

As a CIO or Executive in your company you probably have been head’s down on running the business. DiscerningCloud can present a half or full day executive briefing of the latest cloud technologies available. Here’s how you know it might help you: Do you think the biggest advantage to using cloud is to move costs out of a data center and spin up server instances in the cloud? If you said yes, give us a call – you’re only scratching the surface, in fact the majority of the financial and competitive benefit is around specialized cloud services and functions, and our customized briefing will relate directly to your current business situation.

One Day Review

DiscerningCloud will spend one day with you, your I.T. leads and potentially another business leader in your company. We will prepare a high-level document with opportunities available in the current cloud and Dev/Ops environment. We can look at your development structure and compare it to current Continuous Integration / Continous Development/Deployment opportunities. Or, we could compare current infrastructure environment to opportunities with Infrastructure as Code (IaC). These 1 – 2 day engagements are priceless when contemplating direction change because they will help you determine which direction to set your ship’s rudder!

Two Ways To Get Started

Discerning Cloud’s specialty includes training your staff and implementing Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment and DevOps practices. Your company has been around for awhile, making a solid profit but are you taking advantage of these critical development methodologies? Why are they so important? Your unforeseen competition could  create the same “secret sauce” for a significant reduction in cost with these new tools, enabling them to compete and place tremendous pricing pressure on your business. We’ll work with you to devise a strategy to put these processes and infrastructure in place to fend off competition and hold the barrier to entry high.