Discerning Cloud offers three main areas of expertise in Cloud Computing:

  • Staff Preparation and Training
  • Migration Services
  • Analysis

Staff Preparation and Training

Cloud migration must first and foremost involve staff buy-in at all levels, executive to front line personnel. Technologists often perceive their professional value related to current skill-sets. In some cases staff will need preparation and demonstration related to the importance of the new strategy to the organization – especially in profitability, competitiveness and flexibility. Discerning Cloud will engage your staff with presentations and training schedules to suit the situation. Additionally, we can help with Board-level buy-in so that there are minimal surprises and proper communication of anticipated changes.

Additionally, maximizing financial benefits from cloud is best achieved with first establishing a solid Infrastructure as Code (IaC) change management system. While savings are possible without it, IaC acts as a great multiplier of benefits in financial gains and staff efficiency. IaC, DevOps, Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery practices should be set up in advance, where possible, and Discerning Cloud will help you with these frameworks.

Migration Services (Discovery, Strategy, Execution)

Discerning Cloud will help you to collect, organize and plan out either partial or full cloud migration. The strategy is critical. Will it be a cautious but deliberate schedule or are there external factors such as M&A activity requiring a rapid conversion? Once the strategy is chosen, Discerning Cloud will begin discovery of current services and workflow and then work with internal staff to create a detailed project plan. Perhaps the plan will be to re-factor current services, or perhaps the appropriate method is lift and shift. Discovering application dependencies is a top priority that will drive a realistic deployment and migration plan.

Analysis (Current vs. Expected Expenditures – ROI)

Cloud computing decisions should be based on sound ROI and strategic reasoning, just like any other tool in your arsenal. Discerning Cloud has Certified Data Center Specialists, that coupled with the Cloud Certified personnel can prepare detailed proforma analysis on current vs. future expenditures. You’ll want to take advantage of these services as it will help you drive primary messaging about the project’s value  to the organization.