Simple, cloud products pitch a mixed message with confusing and conflicting tools and solutions. Yet with all the hype you’d think they’ve cured a rare disease with it.

The truth is that while these products are extremely valuable, they are valuable only in the right context. They are tools, and as long as your job requires that tool then it’s a good bet. So how do you know?

That’s why we created the DiscerningCloud service and methodology. It’s the ability to offer a product-neutral analysis of your current situation and pick the right set of solutions for your business. A set of solutions that enable your organization to leverage just the right tools available in the cloud eco-system. You have probably already guessed, but our methodology involves integral interaction with the business side of the house, first and foremost.

For example: Let’s say your sales team is complaining that marketing is coming up short with product adverstising material, but the marketing department can’t promote new product features in a timely manner. The marketing deparment says it’s because I.T. and development are too busy with maintaining a system that is bloated and slow to change. In this case, there are straightforward, prescriptive tools and processes that will fix that and still protect that lucrative top-line revenue.

Or, another example: Let’s say you are a brand new company where you have the “secret sauce” of your business, you just need the know-how to get your product or service to market on the fast track – and those required much different tools.


There are enormous benefits of just moving your environment to the cloud, however, it’s not well known that the majority of the benefit becomes “enabled” after you move into “continuous integration” with your development environment. Let us show you why that’s the case – and why it makes sense to first conquer critical DevOps practices for cost, speed and agility purposes.


The Discerning Cloud team will analyze your current I.T. assets and staffing to determine the best approach for deploying to the cloud. The best solution is not the same for everyone. Factors to be analyzed include business processes used to produce your product or service, talent capabilities, M&A or other external factors, governance and product development considerations.


Discerning Cloud’s POC option will document a very basic business process that you currently value in conducting business, and reproduce it in a “Minimally Viable Product” as a test case. This will demonstrate speed, cost and flexibility of various cloud server or serverless options.


Discerning Cloud and our business partners consist of AWS Solution Architects, Azure specialists, Data Center Specialists, ITIL pros, and Business Process Specialists.